Hi my name is Chris and I am the business owner! I’ve been involved in fitness and nutrition since 2004 and have been a personal trainer since 2011. I started Fit Body Meals because I saw how much a healthy meal plan could impact my client’s results. After getting multiple clients to drop 25-30 lbs in just 12 weeks I knew I was onto something!

Pick up day & time:


2316 Stevens creek boulevard San Jose CA 95128

We are only open for pick up during the following times:
8-10am (morning window)
6-8pm (evening window)
In case of emergency, we designate one additional pick up time during the following times:
Tue (for Mon pick ups)
Fri (for Thu pick ups)
The gym is only open by appointment and ‘dropping in’ or showing up early or late will not work.

Please note that FitBody Meals is a weekly recurring meal prep service and provides your meals on a continued weekly basis.

If you wish to discontinue or modify service please notify management by email only by Friday @ 12:00pm

Any questions related to your meal prep or account status will gladly be answered by Text or by email support at fit2gomeals408@gmail.com!

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